1804 Charles H. Challen built his first piano
1830 Challen and sons was founded
1875-1925 produced around 500 instruments a year of above-average quality
1926 the new managing director, William Evans, formerly from Chappell, who redeveloped a 5-foot(152cm) “baby” grand piano, that Challen had produced earlier in the century. By employing large-scale production techniques, Challen was able to reduce the price of this instrument from £125 to £65 and it subsequently became so popular that it almost displaced the upright piano from English homes. The Great Depression that hit most piano manufacturers in the 1930s did not seem to affect Challen: production rose from 500 pianos in 1925 to 2500 in 1935.
1932 The company took over the manufacturing of Broadwood pianos
1935 Challen was best known for its small grand pianos, but it also made the world’s largest grand piano in 1935 for the silver jubilee of King George Ⅴ. The piano measured a remarkable 11 feet 8 inches (355cm) in length, with a 9-foot, 11-inch-long(302cm) bass string, and weighed 1.25 tons. The tensile stress of this piano was estimated at 30 tons.
1936 Along with Steinway and Bosendorfer, signed a contract with the BBC to supply pianos, a move that guaranteed the sound of Challen pianos in every home across England.
1959 William Evans’s retired in 1959, the Challen name was sold to the Brasted Brothers.
1970 the company sold to Barratt and Robinson
1980 invited one of the world's famous German piano consultants and designers by the name of D.H. Dotzek in order to produce pianos that have all the advance features comparable to the best in the world
1986 Since 1986, Challen pianos have been assembled in western Malaysia by Musical Products Snd Bhd, the factory division of Vienna Music Sdn Bhd.
1988 Challen sent piano to the Royal Household, Amalienborg, Denmark.
the Ministry of Education in several states have approved the use of our Challen, for their yearly external ABRSM and Trinity College examinations.
1991 Otto Rindlisbacher of Switzerland retained as consultant (specially in soundboard making and keyboard construction).
1992 Peter Rippen of Holland, an expert in the piano designing industry, including grands, retained as a consultant as well as a marketing agent for sale of CHALLEN pianos in Europe.
1993 Exhibited in the British Music Fair, United Kingdom, with success
1994 award ⅩⅩⅡ INTERNATIONAL TROPHY FOR QUALITY at Madrid, 11th April
1995 award INTERNATIONAL GOLD STAR FOR QUALITY by B.I.D(Business Initiative Directions) at Madridne Challen dealer, Intermusic Ltd win the best new model piano award 1995 for CHALLEN 112, by The Music Retailers Association Annual Awards for Excellence Took part in the Peking Music Fair, China.
1996 acquire Ⅹ GOLDEN EUROPE AWARD FOR QUALITY at Paris, 28th October Took part in the successful British Music Fair, UK and the Frankfurt International Music Fair, Germany.


Introduce all new improved models, namely of sizes 112cm, 118cm, 121cm, 125cm and 130cm Took part in the British, Frankfurt and Singapore Music Fairs.
2000 Musical Products Sdn Bhd was granted Certificate of ISO9002: 1994 Quality System – Model for Quality Assurance In Production, Installation And Servicing
2002 Participated at the Frankfurt International Fair in Germany
2003 Took part in the 1st China International Music Fair in Shanghai, China.
Appointed new dealers in Shanghai, Dalian, Xiamen and Guangzhou in China.
2004 Introduce completely new and advance models, exclusively designed by the famous German designer, Mr. D. H. Dotzek.
These models were 112, 116, 118, 121, 123, 126 and 131cm in heights.
2005 Introduced the advance v-process system for the production of piano iron frames.
2009 granted WQC ( World Quality Commitment) INTERNATIONAL STAR AWARD
China (Fujian) Foreign Trade Centre (Holdings) Shanghai Branch proudly present the official launching of Challen