Challen has been a name well-associated with the finest crafted pianos since 1804,pianos that have graced royal households, concert halls, music conservatoriums, hotels and broadcasting studios for decades.
Challen.A name closely associated with the British broadcasting Corporation for over 30 years.Where excellent tonal quality,reliability and consistency in performance have made it the British piano of the British Broadcasting Corporation;and won it the much coveted “Royal Appointment Award” for product excellence.

Today, more than 200 years later , the reputation of Challen pianos is still everpresent and Challen pianos continue to be greatly sought after by pianists the world over. The successor to the renown “Challen” mark is proud to play its part in maintaining the heritage that began in 1804.

Challen. A name to be remembered and a precision musical instrument to be cherished.

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